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Welcome to our Virtual Online Branch, which offers Online Banking, Bill Payment, e Statements, and Mobile Money Services through the Internet. We are pleased to offer you a convenient way to pay bills, transfer funds, check balances, and maintain your account history.

As a member of ECU Credit Union you can take advantage of these convenient services simply by returning a completed enrollment form to ECU Credit Union or by enrolling online using your EZ Access security codes. If you would like to enroll in Home Banking (no fee) and / or Bill Payment (fees will apply after the 60-day trial period) please complete one of the following:

  1. If you currently use EZ Access, you may enroll in our Home Banking program with ease. Simply have your member number and pin number ready, and click here or
  2. Complete, submit, print, sign and return the completed enrollment form (click here for enrollment form).

If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at 1.800.382.2400.

With Home Banking you have access to your accounts through the internet 24/7. You can check balances, review account history, transfer funds and pay loan payments at no cost. This is a free service provided by the credit union.

With Bill Payment you can pay your bills without writing a check or paying for postage. All your bills can be paid through Bill Payment and you control when the payments are made. We are offering a 60-day free trial period and a specialist to assist you with setting up Bill Payment service for members enrolling for the first time. After your 60-day free trial period the normal fees will apply, which are $7.00 a month (includes 10 payments) plus .20 for each additional payment or may be cancelled.

With e Statements your Statements are delivered in 1-2 business days and retained for 6-months, It’s Simple—Just a Few Clicks and Your Done. Complete the steps below. It’s Safe — No More Paper statem

ents; so no more having confidential financial information in your unsecure postal mail box. It’s Free—Receive your statements quicker, safer, simply for FREE.

How To Sign Up For e-Statements! Login to your Virtual Branch Account, Click the e-Statement link under the Self Service Tab, Follow instructions on welcome page, Allow pop-ups if necessary, Click e-Statement again, Enroll.

Important Security Reminder

Your online security is important to us. We take several precautions to ensure your information is secure. To access our secure area, you must enter your Logon ID and Security Code.  As a security precaution, we store your Security Code in our database in an encrypted format that even we cannot decode. If you don’t share your Logon ID and Security Code with anyone, no one will be able to access your information. When you are logged in, we use:

  •  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to ensure that your connection and any information transmitted is protected.
  • 128-bit encryption to make your information unreadable as it passes over the Internet.
  • Automatic time out that occurs if you are inactive in the secure area of our site for more than 10 minutes.
  • If your browser doesn’t support SSL or 128-bit encryption, you will need to upgrade your browser.

While we continue to evaluate and implement the latest improvements in Internet security technology, users of the system also have responsibility for the security of their information and should always follow the recommendations listed below:

  •  Utilize the latest version of either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. The system is best viewed and is most secure when you use one of these browsers, as they are all certified for use at our site.
  • Your Security Code must be kept confidential. For maximum security, use the full available length of your alphanumeric Security Code (always use at least 8 digits) and change it frequently to ensure that the information cannot be guessed or used by others.
  • Be sure others are not watching you enter information on the keyboard when using the system.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to the system. Others may approach your computer and gain access to your account information if you walk away.
  • Exit the system when you are finished to properly end your session. Once a session has ended, no further transactions can be processed until you log on to the system again.
  • Close your browser when you are finished, so that others cannot view any account information displayed on your computer.
  • Keep your computer free of viruses. Use virus protection software to routinely check for a virus on your computer. Never allow a virus to remain on your computer while accessing the system.

When you follow these simple security measures, your financial activities will be completely secure. We look forward to serving your needs both today and into the future – securely!



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