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Credit Card Attack Plan

How to fix a maxed-out credit card

Sometimes credit cards can be your worst enemy. They’re great when you use them responsibly, but everyone makes mistakes, and if you max out a card, that mistake can be hard to navigate. If you have a maxed-out card, take the following steps to remedy it.

Recognize Scam Red Flags And Reduce The Risk

Things You Should Know About Credit History

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Insights about the length of credit history

One component of your credit score is your credit history. The longer history of consistently paying bills on time that you can show lenders, the better off you are. Let’s answer some questions you might have about credit history and how it impacts your credit score.

Your Emergency Fund Check Up

emergency savings

Make sure you’re prepared for rainy days ahead!

Life can get expensive fast. Cars crash. Heaters die. You bend over to put on a sock – like you’ve done a thousand times before – and your back gives out. Hello pricey medical bills, prescriptions, physical therapy, and unplanned days off from work.

Did that Check Really Clear?

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How long should I wait to spend those funds?

These days moving or transferring money has become increasingly more electronic through ACH ​or Wires and the use of checks is becoming extinct. Occasionally you may still receive a check in hand. Now what?

Tips to help you avoid post-disaster scams

Whether you’re getting ready to deal with the aftermath of Gulf Coast storms, Laura and Marco, dealing with the ravages of wildfires out West, reeling from the derecho that struck the Midwest, or facing another natural disaster, handling the aftermath is never easy. But when scammers target people just trying to recover, it can be even worse. Here are some tips to help you avoid common post-disaster scams.

New Year’s Resolutions – Making And Keeping Them...

It’s that time of year again……New Year’s Resolution time!

Wishing all of our members and their families a happy new yearPerhaps it’s the over-indulgence from holiday parties and family meals, or the idea of a fresh start that makes us want to change our habits. However, the dream of change and new beginnings can slip away almost as soon as the resolutions are made. In fact, according to less than 10% of people actually achieve their goals and 25% quit within their first week! Those are tough statistics but there are proven ways to help you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions!

Making the Most of the Holiday Shopping Season

Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping
Are you ready for the hustle and bustle? Are you looking forward to the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales? The holiday season is approaching and with that comes the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These high holy days for shoppers follow Thanksgiving each year. To make the most of these days, we offer you the following advice:

It’s Time to Winterize Your Home

Fall has arrived, are you ready for the cooler weather? Have you taken the time to prep your home for the cold weather? Residential electricity rates have risen on average about 15% nationwide over the last 10 years, an increase of about $0.02 per year. Consumers who use oil heat are expected to pay about 20% more this year than last year.

Are You Prepared For Unexpected Expenses?

Life has a way of throwing out a curve ball every now and then! One way to be prepared for the unexpected is to maintain a savings account. There are many different reasons to use your savings account; vacation, wedding expenses, or car repair. As for me, I have a savings account established for my Furry Family Members! I came across a situation with one of my pets recently, and it made me realize how grateful I was to have that savings account.